May 032013

New Fall TV Shows

New Shows This Fall

New fall shows are important to the networks and this leads to a lot of hype.  Networks save their most promising series for the new fall TV lineup.  This is not a random choice but actually due to the fact that advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for positions with the 2015 new fall TV shows given that this is when viewing audiences are highest.  The network as a whole, and each individual show, becomes more popular and therefore valuable if they hit the fall 2015 TV lineup right.  Thus you can find some real gems in this season, if you know where to look.

The problem for viewers each fall is that they usually have a bunch of returning favorites coming back, and there is no time to watch every single one of the new TV shows this fall that look promising.  And in recent years viewers have become frustrated with the fact that they’ve come to really like some of the new fall shows only to see them cancelled.  For a variety of reasons most viewers only want to only invest their time and energy into some new fall shows that are the best and have staying power.

About New Fall Shows Website

We started this website to help viewers navigate the fall TV lineup expertly.  We will cover the best new fall TV shows, and provide enough information for you to make up your mind about whether you might want to give a series a try.  We are a fully independent and unbiased site, with no stake in what show or network you ultimately choose, so you can trust us to provide unique information that can help you make a well-rounded decision.

We are very excited about the new fall TV shows in 2015, and we look forward to continuing our close coverage of it!  On this page we will cover all the networks equally and post reviews and previews of some of the higher quality or more hyped shows on TV this fall.  We are fully independent and do not have a preference for any particular network, genre, producer, etc.  All new fall shows this fall will be treated equally.

Then we will also review the best new fall TV shows on each network giving each network its own page.  This may help organize things a little after we’ve done a lot of reviews.  It may also help you decide on the new fall shows you might start with if you have a preference for what a certain network tends to do.  Our pages include:

New Fall Shows on ABC: Those new fall TV shows on ABC that seem bound for success, or at least have so much hype that they’ve likely piqued a lot of curiosity among fans of the network or those who watched its summer TV lineup.

New Fall Shows on CBS: Also the more hyped shows or the ones with early buzz about potential success.  This may include spin-offs and other series that may not feel completely “new”

Fox New Fall TV Lineup: Fox tends to do an aggressive style of promotion so we often hear a lot about their new fall TV shows early on.  That said, as above we will cover not only those with hype but also those with the potential for quality – and often they are the same series.

New Shows this fall on NBC: NBC also does a nice job of promotion and has enough quality in the summer season to pull this off.  But it’s not always the highest hyped new fall TV shows that are the best and we will preview all of the ones that look promising

New TV Shows this Fall on the CW: The CW is the newest network on this list but it deserves a place here since the quality and wider appeal of its new new shows on TV this fall 2015 has improved over the last few years.

Here is the new fall TV shows from TV Guide.  We also welcome your own feedback about our choices and opinions about the new fall TV shows!

New Fall TV Shows 2015 Examples

Here are just a few examples of the new fall TV shows in 2015 that are bound to generate buzz and may be among the best new shows on TV:

– ABC TV may have a winner in new fall TV series “The Family”.  See a trailer and a listing of all the new shows this fall on the ABC new fall TV shows page

– Will the medical thriller “Code Black” lead CBS TV to have a successful fall TV season.  This show might lead that CBS new fall TV shows

– Can Wesley Snipes and the producers of the Blacklist help “The Player” bring success to NBC’s new fall TV show lineup in 2015?

The new fall TV shows in 2015 have a lot of promise and many viewers could find a few gems that they add to their list.  Whether you are looking for a replacement for a series that ended or was cancelled, you just want a new fall TV show in a new genre, or you just don;t want to miss a great series, we will be covering the best new fall TV shows in 2015.

Jan 062015

Here at New Fall TV we are usually covering the new fall TV series that are promising and will please a certain audience.  We cover comedies, dramas, reality TV, and action shows equally, but what we always focus on is the new fall TV shows that look promising.  We don’t pay too much attention to other seasons or to returning shows.  But every so often we do want to give some information and advice to our readers about other seasons, especially given the fact that sometimes a promising new fall TV show will get pushed to a later season, or a series will be aired in a different season in order to boost some of the new fall TV series that are already on.  In this post we want to review a couple of winter TV shows in 2015 that have caught our eye, and we hope you will also share your own favorites as the winter TV season unfolds.

The first new winter TV show that we are looking forward to is “Fresh Off the Boat”.   Scheduled to start on Wednesday, February 4 at 8:30pm but then moving to a regular Tuesdays at 8pm slot, this new TV series is based on popular chef Eddie Huang’s memoir.  A simple premise looks to lead to a lot of hilarity and some poignant moments: A Vietnamese family moves from Washington, D.C. (where they lived within a neighborhood that was a cultural match), to Florida (where the cultural match is non-existent).  The family opens a restaurant.  There is a wonderful diversity in the characters that play the family and some surrounding neighbors and co-workers, and critics loved the pilot.  The story is told from the boy’s point of view, centering around the cultural comedy but also including some humor that is inherent in the family relationships.  These characters and the plot lines have the potential to be highly memorable and could vault this new winter show into strong popularity.

Sep 302014

Gotham: Best New Fall TV Show

It’s almost October so it is not too early to speculate about what the top new fall TV show will be coming out of the fall TV lineup of 2014.  We’ve seen a few of the premiers and read some reviews, and also seen some initial viewer reaction.  In deciding which series might be the best TV show this fall we have to consider things like a show’s ability to maintain quality and interest over a longer period of time, its initial buzz that will give it market share in a crowded new TV lineup, and the past ability of its writers and producers to keep a good series going.  Of course our opinion might change, and we will likely follow-up this post in a month or two with a definitive answer to which series is truly the best, but this is our guess so far: Gotham on Fox TV.

This new fall series has been widely hyped and heavily advertised, but initial feedback suggests the network new what it was doing.  While one potential weakness is that Gotham will not appeal to a wide audience, there does seem to be many draws even for those who are not usually interested in the superhero genre, since it dives more deeply into the human elements that were involved in the evolution of the now well-known characters.  The acting appears solid, and there is certainly a lot for the writers to work with.  Whether everything falls into line and this series truly develops into the top TV show of the fall of 2014 is still a bit of a guess, but we hope it’s an educated one.

Perhaps in second place we find “Madam Secretary”, which we continue to have high hopes for, and which has a perfect partner in “The Good Wife” which has a strong audience that may like both shows.  That said, it will have to be quite good to motivate that audience to stay tuned for two hours, and there are several pitfalls – including a slip into melodrama – that we foresee.

Sep 112014

New Fall TV Shows: A to Z

This new fall show makes our list for its high upside potential.  We watched the first episode and found that this new fall TV series certainly has a place on our list of the best new fall TV shows of 2014, but we are not sure how it will do as the plot progresses.  Basically A to Z will follow the relationship of two characters from beginning to end, and while the beginning was compelling and funny we hope that the middle does not lose some of the excitement and laughs.  That said, it is clear that A to Z has great characters and excellent acting, and the surrounding cast is quite fun, so it certainly has potential.

The two characters in this new fall TV series meet and fall in love are quirky yet fun to get to know.  Andrew is a romantic works at an internet dating site with a boss who likes to say how much they fail when people get married because they do not come back for more.  He has had a girl of his dreams since he saw her at a concert years back.  This girl is named Zelda who is an unromantic lawyer who takes a no-nonsense approach to her life and the people in it.  They were made for each other, but have wonderful differences in their personalities, behavior and outlook.  This the overall suspense in this entry into the new fall TV shows lineup will be what the “end” holds for this couple and this relationship.  We will likely be rooting for them, but the ending may stay unclear.

They meet because Zelda had a bad experience on a date set up by the site, and in a funny and warm, yet choppy and challenging way they fall in love.   But what will the future hold, and as much fun as it was to see them fall for each other, will their differences be too much or will they actually hold them together?  This new fall TV series has a lot of promise, and earns our recommendation.

Sep 042014

New Fall TV Show: How to Get Away with Murder

Want a new fall show with serious pedigree?  How about the fact that How to Get Away with Murder is brought to you by creator and producer Shonda Rhimes who previously brought Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.  ABC is so optimistic about this new fall TV show that they’ve given it the highly important and potentially lucrative Thursday night time slot.  The show promises more than Ms. Rhimes terrific writing and producing, however, with great acting and a wonderful premise.

Viola Davis is the star of the new fall show, and she plays a law school professor teaching her students about murder.  ABC may have a hon their hands in the new fall TV lineup revolving around this professor who is very mysterious and the viewer will continually wonder about her motivations and role, while she takes her students on wild rides relating to a murder mystery.  The students get completely caught up and at time much of the campus seems to be coming along for the roller coaster ride.  If you like suspense, thoughtfulness, and a dose of strange in your TV shows, then this new fall TV show may hold a lot of promise for you.

The students themselves are played by a variety of characters, some of whom you will be familiar with (and may generate reactions like “I think I like him/her but what was he/she in before again?”).  And the writing promises to remain crisp and interesting.  This new fall TV series may be a good one to watch with someone, or make sure some of your friends are watching, or at the very least find a chat board because it may keep you guessing and wanting to compare notes.  Crossing several genres given its creative plot line, we expect How to Get with with Murder to be a hit in the new fall TV lineup.

Aug 242014

New Fall TV Series: The Flash

The CW’ always has a few new fall shows that capture our attention, and this up-and-coming network will make the fal TV season no exception.  Leading the pack as far as new fall shows that may do well is “The Flash“.  Many people have been waiting for this new fall TV series in anticipation of the great potential it has shows.  Starring Grant Gustin (who you will recognize from Glee and Arrow) as Barry Allen – aka The Flash this series has a little of everything – action, humor, suspense, and fun.  This new fall show does not take itself too seriously and may therefore win the hearts of those who may not always find super hero shows at the top of their lists.

Barry works as a forensic investigator and therefore, of course, has an in that helps him learn what crimes need to be solved.  The surrounding cast, from whose he works with to his family are well-played and represent a diversity of characters that make the show fun, from father figure Detective  Joe West (Law & Order‘s Jesse L. Martin), Candice Patton as Joe’s daughter and Barry’s close friend, and Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells.  The writing is crisp and keep things interesting, and the interpersonal action alternates between seriousness and light-heartedness, with even a bit of humor mixed in.

The Flash promises to attract a diverse audience, perhaps any viewer looking for a new fall TV show that is high quality, provides depth, and is fun to watch.  And of course there is enough excitement to keep most viewers attuned.  And watch for some crossovers, with guest stars that you will recognize and loved from other series, including some  characters playing themselves from the CW hit Arrow.  We may have left the CW out so far, but that does not mean that The Flash will not be a breakout hit in the fall TV lineup!

Aug 232014

New Fall TV: Marry Me

Marry Me is a new fall TV series that will appear on NBC TV this fall.  We have not covered too many comedies so far, and new fall TV comedies in general are quite hit or miss.  But we have finally found a new fall show that may be a comedy hit, for several important reasons.  Talented David Caspe brings us this series after bringing the hit Happy Endings previously, and this new fall series is co-executive produced and directed by Seth Gordon who has had success on the big and small screen and Jamie Tarses who is an up and coming talent on the small screen.

The real excitement for us, however, is the choices of actor.  You may recognize Casey Wilson from Saturday Night Live or Happy Endings, and her combination of cute, finny and compelling will be fun to watch in this new fall TV series.  Ken Marinoand has been mostly a character actor, but the kind that can carry a scene and make you wonder why he has not been asked to be in a feature role already.  It is obvious that the chemistry between these two will be strong and funny.

Marry Me is based on the premise that this couple cannot seem to get the period before marriage right.  This unique backdrop leads to great comedy as they try to line up their relationship just so they are ready to get engaged.  But Jake cannot even get his proposal right, and the humor starts there.  Proposals lead to everything from botched vacations to lost jobs, and while their underlying commitment to each other stays strong, the fact that they are so different in so many ways makes for some laugh out loud moments as they try to get things right.   Of course a bunch of well cast and talented secondary characters on both sides of the equation do nothing but make all of this much harder.

Aug 092014

American Crime: New TV Series

One new fall TV show that seems to have slipped under the radar a bit so far is called “American Crime”, and it has all the elements of a new fall TV series hit.  Starring successful actor Timothy Hutton and reality Felicity Huffman, and written by John Ridley who wrote “12 Years a Slave” this new drama series could build into something special.  The story is based in Modesto California where a likable family man is out jogging when he finds the body of a young boy.  Quickly he becomes the prime suspect and while his marriage, his relationships with his kids, and his job slowly fall apart because of this accusation he tries to find th actual killer.

American Crime is not really a new fall TV show since it is actually likely to come on at midseason.  But for those looking forward to the 2014-2015 TV season we wanted to include this as you plan your TV viewing.  The main characters are played by David Hoflin who you may know from this summer’s Crossbones, and talented Julian Works.  This new TV series goes well beyond being a crime drama, although those who like that genre will surely like this series.  But it dives deeper into issues related to race and gender in a way that is fascinating and all too realistic.  The main character Mark is played with depth by Hoflin.

Stay tuned here and at your favorite blogs about new TV series for more information about this new TV show.  It is still a little early and we have therefore only entered the hype season a little, but this one has the potential to be a hit, and to be a great replacement if you experience any disappointment with the new fall TV shows you choose and are looking for another possibility this winter.

Aug 062014

New Fall TV Series: Scorpion

People have loved The Big Bang Theory, and they’ve also loved CSI.  So why not a show that combines the geek humor and lovability with science and criminal investigations?  Scorpion is a new fall TV show about a team of often eccentric geniuses who were brought together to solve major high-tech crimes. This new fall TV series could attract a wide audience if it manages to hit the mark with a few groups – those who like the crime-solving aspects, those who like the brotherhood and humor, and those who enjoy a good plot regardless of the genre.

Scorpion will have to be crafty to make sure they do not over stereotype the characters as they help Homeland Security solve crimes.  The characters themselves however appear to be perfectly cast, and if you want a dose of normal you will be able to rely on Katherine McPhee who you may be surprised at the depth and quality of her acting.  And behavioral expert Eddie Kaye Thomas (from American Pie and a lot of other well done niche parts) does a nice job as well.  And then of course there is the cast of gooks, many of whom may look familiar-in-a-good-way.  The plot lines are fascinating and well-thought out, but those looking for constant action might be disappointed as this one can get a little brainy.  But it does appear as though there will be enough action to keep viewers entertained.

Scorpion has the chance to be boosted by real-world headlines as topics such as cyber crime and high-tech thievery have become more common. And the creativity that the writers and producers bring, along with the ability of the characters to really catch and hold our attention and interest, will be key to this new fall TV show. Competing with the other New Fall TV series we’ve reviewed, CSI:Cyber, Scorpion may either feed off that new fall show’s potential, break out on its own, or perhaps get lost if it fails to find its stride. We feel that this one is worth a chance as you put together your own new fall TV watch list!

Jun 202014

New Fall TV Series: CSI: Cyber

Fans of the CSI: series of shows will love this new fall TV show CSI: Cyber.  But this new fall show also has the potential to capture a wider audience as well, those who have a little geek in them and will enjoy the mind-bending and interesting crimes that are committed with technology.    Fans of the original CSI: series got a glimpse of how interesting the cyber crime work can be when this show did a crossover in the spring on CSI:.  If the intrigue and intelligence shown during the crossover episode can be kept up for 24 episodes next year, this entry into the new fall TV shows market may have great potential.

THe wonderful actress Patricia Arquette seems to be a perfect fit as the lead character named Avery Ryan who is the Special Agent in Charge at the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI.  She is of course based in Quantico, Virginia but unlike some of the other CSI: shows based in certain locales, she will likely travel around to wherever cyber crime is being committed.   The action will provoke thought and may be scary to those who use computers every day – a realistic yet fascinating look at what can be accomplished in the cyber world by those with bad intentions.

Of course like other CSI: shows, this entry into the new fall TV lineup is produced by the talented Jerry Bruckheimer along with Jonathan Littman.  The lineup of writers and other executive directors is equally impressive.  CSI: Cyber has great potential to capture the existing fan base of this series of shows, while also winning over those who enjoy crowmes of the mind and anything cyber related.  We think that this new fall TV show is close to a can’t miss addition to the fall TV lineup.  Those looking at the new fall TV shows and hoping to be amazed and stunned may like CSI: Cyber for all it can bring.

May 162014

New Fall TV Show Aquarius

Our first review of a new fall TV show in 2014 is about a show, Aquarius, that seems to have all the ingredients for success.  Start with a popular and talented actor who has garnered a following across many different genres, in this case David Duchovny, and give him an incredibly interesting plot line to work with, and you may have something big.  In this case the main character is a Los Angeles police sergeant in the late 1960s who is after what at the time appears to be a small-time criminal with potential.  The criminal just seems to have something about him that suggests he may become increasingly dangerous, and in a powerful way.  In fact, this criminal is actually a young  Charles Manson.

The action takes place as a police undercover procedural, with some incredible action and suspense leading toward some of Manson’s most infamous crimes. This show is another in what are being called “event series” where a historical event or events become part of the action and are what the plot lines are built around.  That said, you do not have to be a fan of history or love true crime to come to really enjoy Aquarius.  There is truly something for everyone, including those who like to vicariously experience the 60s, to those who like action, to those who enjoy a depth of character that pops off the screen.  As new fall shows go, this one is worth keeping an eye on.

This interesting entry into the 2014 fall TV lineup is executive produced by Mr. Duchovny and has talented writer John McNamara (who also wrote the popular In Plain Sight) and Marty Adelstein (who wrote Prison Break).   The other actors may not be as well-known but are terrific.  We’ve reserved our first review for a new fall TV show that we think has particular potential in the 2014 fall TV lineup, and we can’t wait to see if we are right!