Best New Fall Shows 2016

Best New Fall TV Shows

New Fall TV Shows 2016

New fall shows are incredibly important to the networks and that leads to a lot of hype – each network wants to “win” the season.   2016 is no different. Networks save their most promising series for the lineup of new fall TV shows. This is not a random choice but actually due to the fact that advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for positions with the best new fall TV shows given that this is when viewing audiences are highest.

Not interested in the introduction, but just want to know which new fall shows are the best?

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The major networks as a whole, and each individual show, become more popular and therefore valuable if they hit the fall lineup right. Thus you can find some real gems in this season, if you know where to look. The problem for viewers each fall is that they usually have a bunch of returning favorites coming back, and there is no time to watch every single one of the new TV shows this fall that look promising. And in recent years viewers have become frustrated with the fact that they’ve come to really like some of the new fall shows only to see them cancelled. For a variety of reasons most viewers only want to only invest their time and energy into finding the best new fall shows that have staying power.

Best New Fall Shows 2016 this Fall Overall

Here are just a few examples from the new fall TV shows in 2015 that are bound to generate buzz and may be among the best new fall shows on TV:New Fall Shows: Fear the Walking Dead

  • Broken is on ABC, with an incredible cast that includes Anna Paquin and Blair Underwood, and follows a ruthless attorney whose sister returns home and exposes family secrets.
  • We are impressed with the early reviews of the new fall TV series “The Family“.
  • The medical thriller “Code Black” may gather an audience that has been waiting for this type of show.
  • Wesley Snipes and the producers of the Blacklist may have a hit in “The Player

The new fall TV shows in 2015 have a lot of promise and many viewers could find a few gems that they add to their list. Whether you are looking for a replacement for a series that ended or was cancelled, you just want a new series in a new genre, or you just don’t want to miss a great series, we will be covering the best new fall TV shows in 2015

Best New Fall Shows by Network

Our choices for best new fall TV shows on each network (besides the above overall best Quantico: One of the Best New Fall TV Showsshows):

We listed the above because you are probably not here because you want to know about every single one of the new fall TV shows that you can choose from. Instead you likely want to know what the best new fall shows are, the ones that are worth watching and will likely gain a large audience and maintain quality. We want to be careful not to narrow the field too much. We respect the fact that there are many genres of new fall shows, and many different viewer preferences. Thus we will list a lot of series in our blog. Each one is among the best new fall TV shows you can watch, often for many different and unique reasons. You’ll be able to pick among the best new fall shows we list and choose the ones that match your own preferences.

But how do we choose the best new fall TV shows to cover? That is a common question we face. Do we merely decide which new fall TV shows we personally like and then promote those? Do we get any reward for promoting certain new fall shows? Do we lean toward a certain station or genre? The answer to all three questions, as you may have guessed, is no. We go through a careful process when choosing which shows to cover when we talk about the best new fall TV shows. You may disagree with our choices, but we hope you will understand and appreciate our methods. If you have any suggestions, or think that we are getting things wrong due to one particular type of decision we are making, please feel free to let us know! Or if you feel that we should add something to our decision-making, let us know that as well.

New Fall Shows Guide

We started this website to help viewers navigate the new fall TV shows expertly. We will cover the best new fall TV shows, and provide enough information for you to make up your mind about whether you might want to give a series a try. We are a fully independent and unbiased site, with no stake in what show or network you ultimately choose, so you can trust us to provide unique information that can help you make a well-rounded decision.  We review the best new fall TV shows on each network giving each network its own page. This may help organize things a little after we’ve done a lot of reviews. It may also help you decide on the new fall shows you might start with if you have a preference for what a certain network tends to do. Our pages include:

  • New Fall TV Shows on ABC: Those new fall TV shows on ABC that seem bound for success, or at least have so much hype that they’ve likely piqued a lot of curiosity among fans of the network or those who watched its summer TV lineup.
  • New Fall Shows on CBS: Also the more hyped shows or the ones with early buzz about potential success. This may include spin-offs and other series that may not feel completely “new”
  • Best New Fall TV Shows on Fox: Fox tends to do an aggressive style of promotion so we often hear a lot about their new fall TV shows early on. That said, as above we will cover not only those with hype but also those with the potential for quality – and often they are the same series.
  • New Fall Shows on NBC: NBC also does a nice job of promotion and has enough quality in the summer season to pull this off. But it’s not always the highest hyped new fall TV shows that are the best and we will preview all of the ones that look promising
  • New Fall TV Shows on the CW: The CW is the newest network on this list but it deserves a place here since the quality and wider appeal of its new shows on TV this fall 2015 has improved over the last few years.

Here is the new fall TV shows from TV Guide, and here is Rotten Tomatoes coverage of the best new fall TV shows. You can also find coverage of new fall shows on the Huffington Post.  We also welcome your own feedback about our choices and opinions about the best new fall TV shows!

We are very excited about the new fall TV shows in 2015, and we look forward to continuing our close coverage of it! On this page we will cover all the networks equally and post reviews and previews of some of the higher quality or more hyped new TV shows this fall. We are fully independent and do not have a preference for any particular network, genre, producer, etc. All new fall shows will be treated equally.

Choosing the Best New Fall TV Shows

How do we choose which new fall shows to include?  Basically we take four steps:

Previews of new fall shows

We screen “direct” information about each potential each of the new fall TV shows, from previews to clips that are made available to information about the plots. We look for factors that have made prior new fall TV shows successful as we review all of this information, including certain formulas that have been known to capture an interested audience. We also look quite directly at the content – was it funny if meant to be funny, intriguing if it is a mystery, etc. We look for signs that the early plot lines might not hold up – that the new fall TV series in question will end up losing steam after a promising debut, and perhaps vice versa.

Critical review of the best new fall TV shows

We screen the reviews of critics we find trustworthy – those who have had success picking the new fall shows that have been hits before. We respect certain people for their ability to choose wisely among the best new fall TV shows. We also know which critics to screen out – for example those who tend to be overly positive or who seem to always promote a certain network. We are not shy about the fact that we rely on other reviewers to back our own opinions – as a sort of meta critic we believe that it is okay to wonder whether our own opinions about the new series is at least reasonably matched by other critics examining the new fall shows.

Actors and Producers

We consider the actors and producers involved in each of the new fall TV shows. We look not only for past success on television or the movies, but also the fit between the actor and the part they will be playing. We look for producers who seem to associate themselves only with new fall TV shows that have been successful. Most actors and producers will not attach themselves to a new fall show without careful consideration of the likely success, and this is particularly true of those who we feel have lots of other potential projects they could choose from.

New Fall TV Shows slot and competition

To a lessor degree we consider the new fall show’s time slot in the fall lineup. Time slot gives up two pieces of helpful information. First, it gives us an idea of the network’s confidence in the new fall show – did they give it a prized time in the most sought after Thursday fall TV lineup, or is it already pegged for the less desirable Friday – or worse Saturday – fall TV lineup. Second, we judge the place the new fall TV show got against our own judgement of the audience it is after. Regardless of what the network thinks, will the new fall TV series sit at a time when it’s hoped for audience tends to watch, and does it conflict with something else they like.

We also look toward the competition the new program will have against the other new fall TV shows. While fans of a certain genre may be willing to watch any number of new fall shows that follow that course, if the plot lines and overall show type are too similar they may begin to choose among them for their favorite.

New Fall Shows: About Us

New Fall Shows was founded in 2013 to give our visitors a completely independent view of the new shows scheduled to premiere this fall. New Fall Shows does not cover every new fall TV series expected to be in the fall lineup, but only those that we see potential in to be breakout hits or at least solid and lasting. We want to help you make the initial choices as far as which new fall TV series you might watch.

We cover all different genre of new fall shows, from comedy to drama to sci-fi. We give all networks equal coverage, looking for the new fall show first before considering the network it is on. Our goal is to be a reliable site where you can go each year to scope out the best new shows in the fall lineup, and more specifically which are the best new fall TV shows for you. Of course we want to earn your trust so you will not find us promoting series on any particular network more than another, and we will equally focus on different types of show with a wide range of premise and genre.

We begin publishing information about new fall shows as early as there is information released by the networks, or even sometimes when the new information is merely a rumor or a leak. We continually update our information when and if a new TV series changes in any appreciable way, such as when an actor changes or it is in danger of being cut. You can check in with us year-round because often new fall TV shows are put off until another season – we will continue to cover it – or sometimes news about an exciting show for next year’s lineup comes out during the off-season.

We do not benefit one way or another from what you end up choosing to watch which allows up to remain independent and unbiased as we choose among all the possibilities. Our only hope is that we provide you with enough helpful information and advice that you decide to return the next year. We know that the only way for us to achieve a returning audience is by remaining fully independent. Of course we cannot guarantee that we’ll get everything right either. Trust us to do our best in determining the best new fall TV shows, but realize that sometimes picking them before the season means that we could occasionally pick a dud.

This year promises to be quite exciting when it comes to new fall shows, with new shows that look to be quite interesting on many networks and in many genres. We hope you will provide feedback and information as you read our site, and continue to let us know how we did as the season rolls along. We will not hesitate to publish thoughtful comments that disagree with our choices – our main goal is to make sure our readers have the best information possible when they are choosing among the new fall TV series.

Quick Note from Legal

All of the information contained here is protected by copyright, and while we may allow it to be reproduced and published elsewhere, we ask that you only do this with our written permission and after you’ve told us exactly where the information will be published and how it will be used. You may certainly mention our website on social networks without our permission, so we are only referring to large-scale copying of information when we mention our copyright protection. All of the material contained here is fully unique and original, and while we do consider the reviews made by other reputable sites we will always clearly state when we are quoting from someone else. We also ask that you treat comments submitted by others as also protected by copyright.

We ask that all comments you decide to submit about your own opinions about new fall TV shows be rated PG, given that our site appeals to all ages. (This is also why you’ll find that even when we review new fall TV series that are rated TV14 or higher we keep the reviews themselves PG.) We also ask that you keep any disagreement, whether with us or other commenters civil and thoughtful. Any personal attacks or comments that seem to go beyond polite disagreement will be removed. We all have our opinions about the best new fall shows, and we want anyone and everyone to feel comfortable stNew Fall TV Showsating theirs.

We appreciate your making us a part of your decision-making process, and promise to keep our site up to date and informative. We hope you will check back regularly and perhaps share your own opinions about your own favorite new fall TV shows.

We hope you find our blob and website helpful in finding the best new fall TV shows, and we invite you to use the comments section when you agree, disagree, or want to add to our listing of the best new fall shows!

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