Best New Fall Shows

New fall shows are incredibly important to the networks and that leads to a lot of hype.  Most of all, each network wants to “win” the season.  They pretty much know what their returning shows will do as far as viewership and advertising revenue, so the new series takes on an increased importance.  2016 is no different. Therefore, networks save their most promising series for the lineup of new fall TV shows. This is not a random choice but actually due to the fact that advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for positions with the best new fall TV shows.  This is when viewing audiences are highest.

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The major networks as a whole, and each individual show, become more popular and therefore valuable if they hit the fall lineup right. Thus you can find some real gems in this season, if you know where to look. The problem for viewers each fall is that they usually have a bunch of returning favorites coming back.  There is no time to watch every single one of the best TV shows this fall that look promising. And in recent years viewers have become frustrated with the fact that they’ve come to really like some of the new fall shows only to see them cancelled. Therefore most viewers only want to only invest their time and energy into finding the best new fall shows that have staying power.

Best New Fall Shows 2016

Here are some categories of best new fall shows.

Best New Fall Shows by Network

Here are just a few examples from the new fall TV shows in 2016 that are bound to generate buzz and may be among the best new fall shows on TV:

  • APB is on Fox, has a cast headlined by the talented Justin Kirk.  It has an interesting plot that revolves around how a tech billionaire works to reduce corruption and ineffectiveness in a major metropolitan police department.
  • Will another “Chicago…” spinoff be as successful as the others?  We have high hopes for Chicago Justice on NBC which follows the Best New Fall TV ShowsWindy City’s State’s Attorney’s office. The series was introduced as a backdoor pilot in an episode of Chicago P.D. in May
  • We are impressed with the cast of Designated Survivor on ABC which stars Keifer Sutherland, Kal Penn, and Natascha McElhone.  Sutherland stars as Tom Kirkman, a lower cabinet member who becomes president after an attack on Washington.
  • The Great Indoors on CBS has great potential.  An adventure reporter (played by Joel McHale) goes from an outdoor lifestyle to inside.  Even worse, he has to manage millennials in the digital department of a magazine.
  • The CW is doing a remake of the fascinating and successful movie “Frequency“.  We are excited about this action and sci-fi mix coming to the small screen.

The new shows this fall in 2016 have a lot of promise and many viewers could find a few gems that they add to their list. Are you looking for a replacement for a series that ended or was cancelled?  Do you just want a new series in a new genre?  Or maybe you just don’t want to miss a great series.  In any case we will be covering the best new fall TV shows in 2016

Best New Fall TV Shows by Genre

One of the best ways to preview the new shows on TV each year is to list things by genre.  Here are our favorite new fall shows in 2016 by genre:

  • Best new fall shows, comedy: The Good Place (We love the potential of Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, and check out the location!), The Great Indoors (A fun cast and the potential for a lot of timely humor).
  • Top new fall shows, action: APB (Justin Kirk is so talented and overdue, and this well written series has a chance to make him shine); Chicago Justice (Some worry there is no more room for another spin off, but this one breaks new ground).
  • Top new fall TV shows, drama: Notorious (Up-and-coming actors, a fascinating and unique premise, and great producers); Shots Fired (A truly “wow” cast, timely premise, and great preview).
  • Top new fall TV shows, sci-fi: Timeless (great premise, previews look captivating, excellent cast); No Tomorrow (looks like fun, potential for twists and turns, talented cast).

Best New Fall Shows by audience

Finally, we want to present a list of the top new fall TV shows by the type of audience who would be interested.

  • Best new shows this fall you can watch with your kids: Pitch (great story line to watch with tweens and up, fun and also proves a point); Pure Genius (If you liked watching “House” with your kids this one looks similar in some ways)
  • Best new fall TV show, adults only: This is Us (Not because it is terribly inappropriate, but more because it will appeal much more to adults)
  • Top new fall show for teens: McGuyver (Can this former hit capture a new teenage audience?  The producers are off to a good start using a young star)
  • Best new shows this fall for millennials: No Tomorrow (This one just plain looks like a lot of fun!); Frequency (Many will not have watched the movie, but the TV show looks like it will bring new twists to a fascinating premise)
  • Best new fall shows with wide appeal: Conviction (The “House” of legal thrillers?  Hayley Atwell is terrific); Designated Survivor (Captivating premise, great cast headlined by Kiefer Sutherland)

New Fall TV Shows: Navigating Our Website

We started this website to help viewers navigate the new fall TV shows expertly. Our coverage is of the best new fall TV shows.  First of all we provide enough information for you to make up your mind about whether you might want to give a series a try. We are a fully independent and unbiased site.  We have no stake in what show or network you ultimately choose.  You can trust us to provide unique information that can help you make a well-rounded decision.  We review the best new fall TV shows on each network giving each network its own page. This may help organize things a little after we’ve done a lot of reviews. It may also help you decide on the new fall shows you might start with if you have a preference for what a certain network tends to do.

Our Best New Fall TV Shows Coverage

Our pages include:

  • New Fall TV Shows on ABC: Those new fall TV shows on ABC that seem bound for success, or at least have so much hype that they’ve likely piqued a lot of curiosity among fans of the network or those who watched its summer TV lineup.
  • CBS New Shows: Also the more hyped shows or the ones with early buzz about potential success. This may include spin-offs and other series that may not feel completely “new”
  • Best New Fall TV Shows on Fox: Fox tends to do an aggressive style of promotion so we often hear a lot about their new fall TV shows early on. That said, as above we will cover not only those with hype but also those with the potential for quality.  Often they are the same series.
  • Fall TV Lineup on NBC: NBC also does a nice job of promotion and has enough quality in the summer season to pull this off. But it’s not always the highest hyped new fall TV shows that are the best.  We will preview all of the ones that look promising
  • Fall TV Shows on the CW: The CW is the newest network on this list but it deserves a place here.  The quality and wider appeal of its new shows on TV this fall 2015 has improved over the last few years.

New Fall TV Shows on other sites

Here is the new fall TV show picks from TV Guide, and here is Rotten Tomatoes coverage of the best of the new fall TV shows. You can also find coverage of new shows in the fall lineup on the Huffington Post.  We also welcome your own feedback about our choices and opinions about the best new fall TV shows!

We are very excited about the new fall TV shows in 2016, and we look forward to continuing our close coverage of it! On this page we will cover all the networks equally.  We will post reviews and previews of some of the higher quality or more hyped new TV shows this fall. Give  that we are fully independent, we do not have a preference for any particular network, genre, producer, etc. We will treat all new fall shows equally.

Choosing the Best TV Shows this Fall

How do we choose which new shows this fall to include?  Basically we take four steps:

Previews of new fall showsChoosing the Best New Shows this Fall

We screen “direct” information about each potential each of the new fall TV shows.  This may include previews and clips that are made available to information about the plots. Factors that have made prior new fall TV shows successful are important, including certain formulas that have been known to capture an interested audience. We also look quite directly at the content.  Was it funny if meant to be funny, intriguing if it is a mystery, etc. We look for signs that the early plot lines might not hold up.  Will the new fall TV series in question will end up losing steam after a promising debut?

Critical review of the best new fall TV shows

We screen the reviews of critics we find trustworthy.  This includes those who have had success picking the new fall shows that have been hits before. Certain people are great at choosing wisely among the best new fall TV shows. We also know which critics to screen out.  For example those who tend to be overly positive or who seem to always promote a certain network. We are not shy about the fact that we rely on other reviewers to back our own opinions.  As a sort of meta critic we believe that it is okay to wonder whether our own opinions about the new series is at least reasonably matched by other critics examining the new fall shows.

Actors and Producers for new shows this fall

We consider the actors and producers involved in each of the new fall TV shows. Past success on television or the movies, but also the fit between the actor and the part they will be playing is important. We look for producers who seem to associate themselves only with new fall TV shows that have been successful. Most actors and producers will not attach themselves to a new fall show without careful consideration of the likely success.  This is particularly true of those who we feel have lots of other potential projects they could choose from.

New Fall TV Shows slot and competition

To a lessor degree we consider the new fall show’s time slot in the fall lineup. Time slot gives up two pieces of helpful information. First, it gives us an idea of the network’s confidence in the new fall show.  Did they give it a prized time in the most sought after Thursday fall TV lineup?  Or is it already pegged for the less desirable Friday – or worse Saturday – fall TV lineup? Second, we judge the place the new fall TV show got against our own judgement of the audience it is after. Regardless of what the network thinks, will the new fall TV series sit at a time when it’s hoped for audience tends to watch, and does it conflict with something else they like.

We also look toward the competition the new program will have against the other new TV shows this fall. Fans of a certain genre may be willing to watch any number of new fall shows that follow that course.  However, if the plot lines and overall show type are too similar they may begin to choose among them for their favorite.

In conclusion, we hope you find our blog and website helpful in finding the best new fall TV shows.  Most of all, we invite you to use the comments section when you agree, disagree, or want to add to our listing of the best new fall shows!